Monday, March 28, 2011

What makes this b-day the best?

That was the question my hubby asked me after my answer Saturday night. And it wasn't because he gave me an expensive gift, or I had a birthday party, or anything like that. It was because I got the best thing, love from the people I care about.
Every thing started with this...
A few days before He and the girls started acting kind of suspicious. suspicious cute. At first Grace came to me and we had a little conversation like this:

Grace: Mammy, I just want to tell you that we do not have a birthday present for you, daddy bought some chocolates for you but he try them and they were all bad so he throw them to the garbage.
Me: ok (now I know what is my gift) it's ok Grace. I am sure daddy will have something for my birthday.

Two days before hubby came with this (see pic) singing Happy pre-birthday to you. I thought it was crazy and cute.

The next day Grace comes again says kind of the same thing about the chocolates.
me: It is ok Grace Daddy gave me a can with chocolates last night thank you.
Grace: oh no mammy, there is more chocolates for you more!
Hubby: Grace quiet is a surprise.
Alana: we are not planning any thing mammy, we are just planning... Kaylee's birthday (which was a month ago)
me: ok (thinking this is cute)

So until my birthday I had little people and hubby "secretly" planning mommy's birthday. That was the best thing to me. To see the excitement form Alana and Grace and Making tons of pictures and gifts for mommy.

Then my dearest sister send me this beautiful painting. Maybe you do not know this but she has been painting since we were in High School and usually making and giving away her creations, since that time I have asked her for a painting and finally it's here. It was worth the wait. She is so talented I wished I could have a bit of her talent.

I also receive lots of phone calls from family and friends and emails. That made the day so special. and since I was so sick with the cold just a low key birthday celebration was the perfect thing for me.
Isn't she awesome? here is the "original" model.

Lo siento no Espanol el dia de hoy, muy cansada...

Have a great week

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Monika said...

HOW CUTE, HOW CUTE INDEED. we love you Eri! Glad you had a nice birthday. Wished we could have celebrated together!!! I gotta come see your new place!! :)