Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks and... "Pay it forward"

There are so many Holidays during the year, it seems that someone on the world is having a Holiday every other week. I share many Holidays from Mexico, Japan and America, but my favourite of all besides Christmas is Thanksgiving. One of the greatest things about this Thanksgiving is that the mass media hasn't corrupt the celebration, (except that the day after we have black Friday). It is a time of remembering the kindness of our Creator and the gratefulness of our hearts.

I am very grateful for the many, many blessings I have received from my Heavenly Father and for the many angels around me, as friends and family. I cannot express my thankfulness to the good hearts in my life.

Even if you do not live in Canada or The United States, remember to be grateful for the things you have been bless with. I think this is the second most amazing Holiday we can have because it is not about us but about gratitude.

May God bless you all.


Existen muchas celebraciones y dias festivos durante el Ano, Parece que siempre tenemos a alguien en el mundo celebrando alguna festividad casi cada semana. Yo comparto muchos dias Festivos de Mexico, Japon y de los Estados Unidos pero mi celebracion favorita con exepcion de la Navidad es el dia de dar Gracias. Es uno de esos dias que no ha sido corrumpido por los medios de comunicacion y la mercadotecnia (sin contar que al dia siguiente es el viernes Negro y hay ventas por doquier) Es el tiempo para recordar las consideraciones de nuestro Creador y la gratidud de nuestros corazones.

Estoy muy agradecida por las muchas, muchas bendiciones que mi Padre Celestial me ha dado y por los angeles alrededor de mi como mi familia y amigos. No tengo palabras para expresar mi agradecimiento por todas las personas con corazones tan grandes en mi vida.

Aunque no vivan en Canada o en los Estados Unidos, recuerda el ser agradecidos por las cosas que te han sido dadas como bendiciones. Me encanta el dia de dar Gracias por que es no acerca de nosotros sino de ser agradecidos.

Que el Creador los bendiga siempre.


On the other side and continuing with my the spirit of thanksgiving more than a week ago I visit my friends Sam's blog and had a nice posting about pay it forward. As well as she does, I love the concept and to be able to spread a bit of love and cheer to someones life, who will in turn then spread that to another, and to another and another.

The project works like this:

The first 3 people who will post a comment to this post, I will make you a lovely handmade gift each. But, you have to have a blog yourself, and be willing to pass the 'pay it forward' concept on. So you will then have to put it on your blog and make three gifts for other people.

So the rules state that I have 365 days (ample time!) to make a gift in.

En otra nota y continuando con el espiritu de dar gracias, hace algunos muchos dias visite el blog de Sam y tenia un posting acerca de "Pay it forward" Pago por adelantado. Tl como ella menciona me encanta el concepto de compartir un pedasito de amor a alguien para alegrarle la vida que a su ves lo compartira con otros y asi se propagara a otra y otra y otra persona.

El projecto funciona asi:

A las tres primeras personas que dejen un comentario en esta post les hare algo hcho a mano a cada una pero tienes que tener un blog y estar dispuesto a pasar el concepto de "pay it forward" o "Pago por adelantado" asi es que lo tienes que poner e tu blog y hacer tres regalos para otras tres personas.

Las reglas dicen que tienes 365 dias (vastantito tiempo) para hacer el regalo y mandarlo

Quienes seran las tres personas? eso me tiene intrigada. bueno que tengan todas un lindo dia


Monday, November 24, 2008

More pictures

Mas Fotos

Jesus Birthday

To me Christmas is all about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and I want to teach that to my Children so I made this calendar and every day we count the days to Jesus B-day

Para mi Navidad es todo lo que se refiera al nacimiento de nuestro Senor Jesucristo y eso es lo que quiero ensenarles a mis hijas asi que hice este calendario para que contemos cada dia cuantos dias faltan para el Cumpleanos de Jesus

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here is my apprentice. It is hard to sew when she is awake because she just wants to be there with me pushing all the interesting buttons on the sewing machine.
Aqui es ta mi aprendiz. Es dificil coser cuando ella esta despierta pues todo el tiempo quiere estar encima de mi cuando coso apretando todos los botones interesantes de la maquina de coser.

Happy sewing!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A present for my Mom

I just made this notebook cover for my mom for her B-day. My Husband and my oldest baby (4) went to Mexico last week for a few days and I ask them to give it to her and told her to open it until her b-day at the beginning of December but my little girl give it to her and ask her to open it... She love it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Tilda Christmas SAL

Many of the people that write to me are from South America. I am glad I decided to make my blog bilingual even though sometimes I want to be lazy and just keep it in English, However when people thank me for taking the time to write in Spanish, makes all my translation time worth it. I also do it for my family that does not speak English to follow what now "We" are doing. Saying that I have been more involved with the Spanish blogs and I have found beautiful people around the world. Veronica is doing a SAL with those beautiful Tilda dolls. I need to confess I have never even try to make any doll before but I want to try now so If yo are interested visit her.
Muchas de las personas que me escriben son de Sudamerica. Me alegra el haber decidido hacer mi blog bilingue aunque aveces me siento con flojera de tomarme el tiempo y escribir lo mismo pero en Epanol, sinembargo, cuando hay personas que me agradecen el que este en espanl tambien me da gusto y hace todo mi trabajo agradable. Ademas de que lo hago en Espanol tambien para compartir con mi familia que no sabe Ingles para que nos sigan en las cosas que estamos haciendo. Despues de esto quiero decirles que me he envuelto en los blogs en espanol y me encantan hay muchisimas cosas lindas que estan ensenando alrededor del mundo. Veronica esta haciendo un SAL navideno y aunque nunca lo he intentado hacer, esta vez voy a tratar.Asi es que si estan interesadas visitenla y unnse al grupo.
For now Happy Stitching

Friday, November 14, 2008

Two many things to say...

Yes, I spell it right! We are two! I finally convinced my big sis (by 9 minutes) to join my blog. She is so talented as you will see. We are best friends and amazingly we have the same tase or almost the same. She is the one that taught me the basics of quilting. She is my inspiration for many of my projects. I think we complement each other. This picture is quite old but it is the only one that I could find together and almos with the same clothes.
Si escribi bien dos con muchas cosas que decir, Somos dos! finalmente convenci a mi hermana de que compartiera mi blog, Somos las mejores amigas y tenemos los mismos ustos o casi. Ella me enseno los principios de el acolchado y es mi mayor recurso por inspiracion. creo que las dos nos complementamos. Esta foto es algo vieja pero es la unica en donde aperecemos casi iguales.

On another note I have lots to tell and so little time. I've been working so hard on my Baby Cozy Covers, right now is the time when I have the most orders. and since I offer a handmade name; when I have a few personalized orders it gets crazy.
Por otro ladotengo muchas cosas de que platicar y no mucho tiempo. He estado trabajando en mis Baby Cozy Covers ahorita es la temporada alta y he tenido vastantes ordenes afortunadamente y como ofresco la personalizacion hecha a mano pues si tengo algunas ordenes con nombre llego a estar bien ocupada.
I also need to say that my stitcher's angel package finally arrived to its destination. It took almost a month from this little town in Utah to the far South, the beautiful Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. I contacted Maria before to say hi and since at that time she did not have a blog we just communicate by email. She is an amazing lady and now you can visit her and say hi on her new blog. and now I can show you what I made for her This are just two things I cannot belive I frgot to take pictures of the other things I gave her. But I guess she will post them sometime later.
Tambien les quiero decir que mi stitcher's angel ya recibio su paquete tardo casi un mes en llegar viajo desde este pequeno pueblito de Utah hasta la hermosisima Melbourne, Victoria en Australia. Me contacte con Maria desde antespara saludarla y ella n tenia blog asi es que solo nos comunicamos por correo. Ella es una lindisima persona y qu creen que ya tiene blog les invito a que pasen y le digan bienvenida a Blogland. Pense que tenia fotos de todo lo que le hice pero creo que no. talvez ella los ponga en su blog despues.
For now Happy stitching

Fall Aprons

I made this aprons for my friend Jo Anne how says she is my girls Grandma and one for me just for the Joy of the season. I got the embroidery designs form

Hice estos delantales para mi amiga Jo Anne quien dice que es la abuela de mis hijas y el otro para mi solo por el gozo de la estacion. Los bordados son de

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi my name is Darlette

And I'm Erika's twin sister, I love her blog and I visit it everyday, I think she is really talented. As her I love to sew and I use to embroider all the time by hand, but now I have an embroidery machine and I love it. I hope you will love my work as much as I do.

Hola mi nombre es Darlette y soy la hermana gemela de Erika, me encanta su Blog y lo visito todos los dias, yo dreo que ella es muy talentosa. Como ella a mi tambien me gusta coser y bordar. Yo solia bordar a mano pero ahora tengo una maquina de coser bordadora y me encanta. Espero que les guste mi trabajo tanto como a mi.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The problem with viruses

I had an interesting weekend. Everything started with my desire of finding out who's my secret Angel to thank her because she did not gave me any email or blog address. Then I thought that Helen might have her on her list of participating blogs. So I decided to pop on all 250+ and I might have my answer. Well to be short in one of those "friendly links" they infected my laptop with a Trojan and another thing. I was kind of upset because you trust that the links are safe, but who said that the Internet is 100% safe? O well on Sunday my Husband spend great part of the day fixing my computer installing a new antivirus and reinforcing the protection of my computer with the advise of "look on your lower bar where that link is going" you know, the bar that is just up the start icon if you set your cursor on a specific link it will show you were it goes and you can discern if is safe or not. Oh well this is my weekend adventure.
Please be safe when surfing the web
Tuve un fin de semana interesante. Todo empezó con mi deseo de saber quien es mi Ángel secreto para agradecerle pues no me dio ninguna dirección de correo o de blog. Así es que pensé en que Helen tenía la lista de todas las angelitas inscritas en el intercambio, así es que decidí buscar y visitar las más de 250 angelitas talvez así pueda encontrar a mi Ángel secreto. Para no hacer el cuento más largo en uno de esos links aparentemente seguros mi laptop se infecto con un virus y otras cosas más. Uno piensa que el Internet es 100% seguro pero no es verdad. Bueno este domingo my esposo se la paso gran parte del día limpiando mi laptop, reforzando la seguridad he instalando un mejor antivirus. Su consejo es “revisa en la barra inferior a donde va el link que has seleccionado con tu Mouse” si, me refiero a la barra que esta justo arriba de el icono de “start” así sabrás a donde va el link y podrás discernir si visitas el link o no. Bueno esta fue mi aventura del fin de semana. Por favor viaja por la Internet segura.


PS. Sorry no pictures this time.

Friday, November 7, 2008

An angel in my mail box

I found my Stitcher's Angel package in my mail box just as I was going out, I knew I was late but I could not resist to open the package later, so I went back and took my camera and the process started:

My angel is Rhonda from Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia!

Look at the beautiful quilt paper wrap It is just fun!

In the package this beautiful button bag just gorgeous.
then this sofa caddy so cute.

and last but not least this scissors keeper If you just could see it the detail and the amazing hand work it is just amazing can you see a happy face on the scissors keeperYou know how hard has been for me yo do the satin stitch before but to see this amazing flowers so gracefully stitched with such detail.

And look at the little thimble and the scissors so cute. I am so speechless thank you Rhonda this are part of my special treasures. I do not know how to contact Rhonda, but if you see my blog, Thank you so much and please contact me.

And thanks to Helen for this swap It has been delightful.

Happy stitching


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Do you remember my patchwork blocks? it was a few weeks back, I finally finish the project I had for it. I decided to make Trivets (hot pads) with them. They are somehow special because of the name "Trivet" this has been one of the most difficult words I have learn. It took me three good years to get it, can you believe it.? English is a fascinating language I am always learning something new. I know I am not perfect but I try everyday. The thing is that my DH does not speak any Spanish therefore, all our communication is in English. To me it is great, because since we got married my vocabulary has increased substantially and I am more fluent. I do not have the same college vocabulary now, even though I could say I am dealing with very basic 17 month old and 3 year old vocabulary mixed with Spanish. Yes, the girls are learning Spanish too, and some Japanese here and there (Daddy speaks Japanese).

Well, I went off topic, here are the Trivets I made they are two sizes and I made them with a pocket so I could add cork tiles and add more protection. I also made some coasters. I am going to give one set of trivets and the coasters to a newly wed couple.

Recuerdan mis bloques de patchwork? fue hace algunas semanas, bueno pues finalmentelos termine. Decidi hacer unos acolchados para poner ollas calientes. ellos representan algo especial pues en ingles se llaman hotpads o trivets y esta ultima palabra me costo muchi tiempo aprendermela. el Ingles es un idioma facinante pero siento que nunca lo terminare de aprender.

Bueno a lo que iba ice cuatro dos de un tamano y dos de otro, los hice como si fueran un sobre para que en medio se guardara una pieza de corcho para agregar mayor proteccion. tambien hice unos portavasos para regalar junto con un set the trivets.

Happy sewing

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Snow

I can't believe we had our first snow of the season! I am not ready really. Well at least someone s exciting about it. Alana is already making plans to go and play there, and I haven't finish picking the nuts!

Well on the bright side, Now my quilting and sewing season starts! yay!

No puedo creer que ya tubimos nuestra primera nevada de la temporada! Realmente no estoy lista. Bueno almenos alguien esta emocionada, Alana ya empezo a hacer planes para ir a jugar en la nieve y yo todavia no acabo de recojer las nueces de castlla.

Por otro lado, esto quiere decir que mi temporada de acolchar y bordar ha empesado yea!

Happy stitching!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Help me please... I am going nuts!

Well not exactly, Yes I do need help I made this stitcheries last year but I made them to late in the season now I do not know what to do with them. any suggestions?
Bueno no exactamente, Si, si necesito ayuda. El ano pasado hice etos bordados pero ya los hice muy cerca de navidad y los deje. ahora no se que hacer con ellos, alguien tiene alguna sugerencia?
About the nut thing, yes I am going nuts! with so many walnuts we have been picking and the thing is that we are probably half way throw.
Ahora acerca de las nueces, si me estoy volviendo loca de tanta nuez que tenemos y que hemos estado recojiendo y probablemente vamos como a la mitad de la recojida

Happy stitching


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do you need some fabric?

well go here Katie is giving away LOTS of fabric just tell her Erika sent you. Good luck!