Monday, January 23, 2012

Sewing Machine Mat a Tutorial

I saw a mat for a sewing machine that I like and the lady that had it told me it was just so easy to make so here it is:

I modified, but I will give you the instructions she gave me.

You will only need 1 yard of fabric.
1 Fold the fabric with the right side facing each other sew it all over leaving an opening of about 5 to 6 inches to turn.
2 Press to set the stitch and turn the fabric inside out.
3 pick the corners (I do it with a pin)
4 Press and top stitch around. I press with the seams not at the edge so the seam goes to one side and then when you press on the edge it is easy to have a clean press like the second picture down.
5 You will have a piece that measures about 22'' wide by 36" long.
6 Fold the end of the fabric to measure 7 1/4"and press.
7 Top stitch the sides and then decide how many divisions you want mark them and top stitch them (remember to reinforce the stitch when you start) I went for three separations.
and there you have it.
I hope this tutorial was helpful since I realized that there are a gazillion tutorials for bias tape. anyway.
Have a great Day (I am enjoying the snow here)

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