Monday, November 21, 2011

Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Okay it is totally unrelated topic, but have you ever tried home made Buttermilk Ranch Dressing? well it is delicious. I have follow the girls of Our Best Bites and I love all their recipes and besides the fact that they are ady and actually taste good their recipes have simple everyday ingredients. I love cooking and besides crafts books I buy recipe books. I got the Rachel Ray ones and I had to donate them they are great recipes unfortunately no one recipe I found that I could have some or all the ingredients plus some of the ingredients I did not even know where to buy them. Anyway visit this blog is great and the ranch is to die for.

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Believe Banner

How ironic my last project took me 3 years to finished and this only 3 hours. Today it was super Saturday in my Church and we had several projects going on. I choose the banner. The sample had the Sweetwater girls, but since I am doing my Christmas decorations more focus on what Christmas is really about. I decided to go with a different line of fabric, I went with Fa la la la la, from Moda French General. At first I was afraid I wont like it but it is official I am a French General gal. I think they fit my style. I just love it and the fabric is not to Chistmas-y.

Que ironico mi ultimo projecto de ayer me tomo 3 anos en terminar y este solo tres horas. Hoy hubo un Super Sabado en mi Iglesia e hicimos varios projectos, yo decidi hacer este banner, es super sencillo. El ejemplo que tenian estaba hecho con la linea de las chicas de Sweetwater pero como he decidido hacer mis adornos mas enfocados en lo que la navidad realmente representa decidi irme por la linea de las chicas de French General, su linea de navidad Fa la la la la. Al principio no estaba muy segura si me hiba a gustar pero ya es oficial me encanta su estilo y es el mio. La tela no es muy navidena pero funciona perfectamente bien. Por cierto aveces no tengo el tiempo de escribir el blog en Ingles y Espanol y tomando en cuenta que tengo un traductor en uno de los lados... bueno gracias por comprenderme.


Friday, November 18, 2011

After 3 years or so...

I really don't remember when Darlette made this for me. she just said "finish them, they're almost done (half of them)" well today I finally finished them. It took me about an hour How bad I am. I have a few UFO's in a box that I am determine to finish. This is one of them. I have presents that are part of that box, sorry I will show them after Christmas. for now here are my snowman finish.
I add the yarn for hanging and put a button on the bottom like the pumpkins I made before (the first set was for my mother in law two years ago) my set was done just a month ago... Anyway in this case I added the buttons on the back because Darlette did not leave much space for the front.
Also you see one with pon-pon trim, she made that and I do not have any so I just left it in there.
I will add them to the christmas Tree decorations and leave them on the shelf for January winter decor.
Have a great Weekend

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nativity Wall Hanger

I made this wall hanger with the idea of having a window into that sacred scene when our Savior was born. I tried to buy a panel, but I really did not find anything, so I decided to make it by myself.
Hice este acolchado para la pared conla idea de tener una ventana a la magica y tan especial escena del nacimiento de nuestro Salvador. Trate de conseguir un panel pero no encontre nada, asi es que decidi hacerlo yo misma.

I started by looking for a nativity siluet. Then I try to design some kind of fame or window looking design. I got some ideas at Debbie Mumm's books I have for reference. Empeze buscando una silueta de un nacimiento. Despues trate de disenar un marco o ventana para la silueta. Encontre inspiracion en uno de los libros de Debbie Mumm.
I used Reindeer Games by Sandy Gervais. I loved the line and I wanted more the problem was that I got the fabric in a place quite far away from me and I thought my local Shops will have some. The surprising thing was that none of the 3 shops I visit didn't even received the line It was sold out before left the factory! Crazy. Use la linea de telas Reindeer Games de Sandy Gervais. La linea esta muy linda y queria mas el problema es que la compre en un lugar a donde casi no visito y pense que en las tiendas que siempre voy encontraria facilmente. Cual ha sido mi sorpresa que en las tres tiendas que fui nisiquiera la recibieron resulta que se habia agotado desde antes de que saliera de la fabrica!
I wonder why they make limited production. Some lines are really successful and I wish they could reprint them.
Me pregunto por que hacen una produccion limitada. Algunas lineas son muy populares y desearia que las reproducieran otra vez.
The start print is from Benatrex fabrics at first I was afraid it could be to bright but it really turn out great.
La tela de estrellas es de Benatrex, primero no estaba segura si estaba muy brillante pero ya despues me usto como se ve con el resto de las telas.
The quilting process was tedious I wanted to have a special design but it was hard to come with the whole combination of designs. I stipple the sky, I stitch in the ditch the red frame, I "X" quilt the green of the frame border, stitch in the dich the black border and I did some holly and berry designs for the last border.
El proceso de acolchado fue un poco tedioso, queria tener un diseno especial pero me fue dificil combinar todos laos disenos. el cielo fue stipple, acolche a la orilla de toda la tela roja que hace el marco y la parte verde hice un simple X. para el marco negro tambien lo acolche en la orilla y para el ultimo borde decidi unas hojas santas con moras.
I love the fact that Sandy makes bias look fabric that I do not have to cut on the bias yay!
The quilt mesures 24"X 26" and the blue center 11"x13".
Me gusto que Sandy hace tela para lucir como bies asi no tengo que cortar la tela al bies y que bueno no me gusta ese proceso. El acolchado mide 61 cm por 66 cm yla parte azul 28 cm por 33 cm.

Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A very special Gift

We have an old friend that has been a widower for several years, his wife was a fine seamstress. Our friend decided to clean his house and brought me a gift, the kind of gift I love.
Tenemos un amigo que a sido viudo por algunos anos, su esposa era una muy buena costurera. Nuesto amigo decidio limpiar su casa y me regalo estas dos cajas.

Two old boxes with the most fascinating Buttons!
Dos cajas con botones antiguos!
I love them all.
Me encantan todos.