Thursday, December 29, 2011

Felt Embroidery Cookies

Darlette made this beautiful felt embroidery cookies for the girls.
Alana got this cute cookies with this cute tea bag. Darlette put them in actual cookie containers and look very cute.
Grace got a gingerbread man cookie set ready to decorate and have lots of fun pretending.

Funny thing is that my girls love to bake they prefer to make cookies and this year they helped my with our neighborhood presents.

Have a great day

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twins Dress

I made a dress for the twins, the same design i made for miss G.
Darlette says the girls like them. I am glad, my girls love the fabric.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teacher's Gift

Did you have a nice Christmas? We did, our little family enjoy each other and we had a wonderful time. Now I can show you all the things I made. I'll start with the Teacher's gift I made for Alana's class.
Back in August when I visited Darlette we went to a quilt shop and I saw mug organizers. I asked for the pattern but they said they got them from a magazine and they did not had the magazine anymore, so I looked online and I found this tutorial.
I like the organizer so much that I decided to make one for me too. It really works quite nice. One thing I did is I went to a Thrift store and got the biggest mugs I could find. I got 3 for the teacher, the aid and me.
I kind of practice my free motion quilting skills and I made snowflakes. totally inspired by a Christmas wrapping. too bad it does not show at all on the mug but non the less great practice. Here is a picture of a detail.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Joy Banner

With the leftovers from my believe banner I made this Joy banner.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doll Beds

Darlette made this beautiful doll beds to give her girls for Christmas. She just show them to me and I ask her if I could share with you. They are just beautiful!
Darlette hizo estas lindas camitas para muneca para regalar a sus ninas en la Navidad. Me acaba de mostras las camitas y le pregunte si podia mostrarselas y dijo que si, creo que estan simplemente lindas.
She made the mattess, Sheets and quilt I think they are adorable.
Ella hizo los colchones, savanas y colchita, estan adorables.

She got the idea and plans from here.
Ella encontro la idea aqui.
A funny story is that when we were in middle school I took wood shop class and Darlette Accounting. Last week mom call me and asked me what I was doing I said "doing the books for Hubby" then she called Darlette and mom asked the same question, Darlette answered "woodwork." Mom laugh the accountant is doing woodwork and the carpenter is doing accounting. Darlette clarify, "yes but Erika studied accounting in College, and I am just trying first time." I think she did great considering it is her first time.
Una anegdota sobre esto es que cuando estudiabamos en la Escuela Secundaria yo estudie carpinteria y ella contabilidad. el otro dia mama hablo y me pregunto que que hacia y le dije "haciendole la contabilidad a mi Esposo", despues ella le llamo a Darlette y le pregunto lo mismo y ella contesto "haciendo las camitas para mis hijas" mi mama se rio y dijo "mira la carpintera esta haciendo contabilidad y la contadora carpinteria" Darlette le aclaro, "Si pero Erika estudio contabilidad en el Collegio y yo apenas estoy aprendiendo carpinteria" En fin creo que le han quedado hermosas las camitas.

Anyway as I said I am working on Hubby's business and I haven't done much crafting that I can show you right now. Hopefully soon I'll be free.
For now...
Enjoy the Holidays!