Friday, November 18, 2011

After 3 years or so...

I really don't remember when Darlette made this for me. she just said "finish them, they're almost done (half of them)" well today I finally finished them. It took me about an hour How bad I am. I have a few UFO's in a box that I am determine to finish. This is one of them. I have presents that are part of that box, sorry I will show them after Christmas. for now here are my snowman finish.
I add the yarn for hanging and put a button on the bottom like the pumpkins I made before (the first set was for my mother in law two years ago) my set was done just a month ago... Anyway in this case I added the buttons on the back because Darlette did not leave much space for the front.
Also you see one with pon-pon trim, she made that and I do not have any so I just left it in there.
I will add them to the christmas Tree decorations and leave them on the shelf for January winter decor.
Have a great Weekend

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