Thursday, June 24, 2010

After so long...

Even though we haven't post lately that does not mean we haven't been doing anything, we have actually working like crazy making things that we cannot show because most of them are gifts and things for our brother's wedding, anyway. Today I got news that Monika received my present (she was out of town for her b-day). Happy to say she like it.
I do not have a picture of the finish runner done because I want a picture from it's new place which Monika promise to send me. but here are some pictures.
Aunque no hemos escrito mucho ultimamente eso no quiere decir que no hemos estado ocupadas, de hecho no hemos parado haciendo muchas cosas que no podemos todavia mostrar, tanto porque estamos haciendo cosas para la boda de nuestro hermano y tambien regalos que todavia no tienen sus duenos. Hoy recibi noticias de Monika que recibio mi regalo de cumpleanos (estaba fuera de la ciudad) y puedo decir que le gusto mi regalo. No tengo foto de el camino de mesa terminado, pero Monika prometio mandarme una foto en su nuevo hogar.
I personally love this runner, the colors (orange is my favorite) and most of it the quilting. I love free motion quilting and admire those ones that do a gorgeous job with their machines. As you see on the right side menu I follow Leah's 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting She inspires me. It has taken me a long time to get to this point. Darlette is an architect so she has the talent but, I think she got it all and I have to work hard on my free hand which makes the difference when you quilt and you make perfect circles and straight lines. What I can say is that it requires lots and lots of practice. I got such lots of practice by quilting my brother's quilt which I think I did a decent job. after seen Leah's post today I am even more inspired to keep practicing.
Personalmente me encanto este camino de mesa, los colores (naranja es mi favorito), y mas que nada el acolchado a maquina que le hecho. Me encanta el acolchado a maquina libre. como veran sigo el blog de Leah (365 Days of Free Motion Quilting) Ella me inspira, me ha tomado mucho tiempo llegar a donde estoy y por seguro me falta aun mas el perfeccionarlo pero me encanta. lo unico que lo hace a uno mejor es la prectica. esta oportunidad la tuve con el quilt de mi hermano pues practique mucho y despues de el post de Leah de hoy aun mas inspirada estoy para m proximo projecto.

Monika's dining room is decorated with apples and citrus colors so I decided to quilt her some apples too.
El comedor de Monika esta decorado con Manzanas y clores citricos asi es que decidi usar esas telas y acolcharle unas manzanitas

Happy quilting


RosaMaría said...

qué lindo! me encantan las telas, super frescas y perfectas para el verano! un beso :)

Monika said...

Yes, it's a BEAUTIFUL runner and it looks darling in my dining area with the cutest patterns and the stitching is amazing!!! I love sentimental gifts for the heart. THANK YOU ERIKA!