Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pins and Needles

My little girls are always asking me to help with my sewing and stitching. Six months ago Alana tried, but it didn't go well. Last week as I was stitching some names for my Baby Cozy Covers Alana again asked me if I would teach her. I hesitated at first, but then as I explained She said "Mommy, I think I got it!" It wasn't perfect, but hey for a five year old... and do not forget that ten-month-old munching in the background, trying to learn everything her older sister does.

Mis ninas siempre me estan ofreciendo ayudarme con mis costuras y manualidades. Hace seis meses Alana trato pero no funciono. La semana pasada cuando bordaba algunos nombres para mis Baby Cozy Covers Alana me pregunto otra vez si le ensenaba, primero dude pero despues le explique y de pronto me dijo "Creo que ya entendi mami" no es perfecto, pero para una nina de cinco anos... ha y no olvidar a la pequena de diez meses que quiere aprender todo de su hermana mayor.
Merry Christmas

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