Thursday, March 1, 2012

QR Code Wall Hanging Quilt Along: Block 1 & 3

Blocks 1 and 3

These blocks are the same design so it is really one design today for two blocks.

First of all here is the pattern

You will need 33 main fabric squares (black) and 16 background squares (white)

Now to sew them as a chain and save thread I will show you a technique Darlette taught me whilst making the Tokyo Subway Map quilt.

Place your squares on the table according to the block pattern. You will count your columns 1 to 7

Place column 2 on top of column 1

Sew on the east side of the squares first row G, then F, E and so on sew chain one by one closely. Do not trim. Press to one side and you will have something like this:

(Here I have made three columns) Imagine just with 2. Then sew column 3 each to every row and press to the other side.

You are not clipping any rows. Sew each column to each row until you finish all the columns and you will end with 7 rows connected.

Start sewing each row and you will end with your first block.


Congratulations you have done your first 2 blocks! You will have something like This:

Happy Sewing!


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