Friday, February 24, 2012

QR Code Wall Hanging Quilt Along - Requirements

Do not say I told ya, but yes, I told you so! Since my parents arrived I have been more than busy right now I have a break and thank goodness so sorry for the delay

This quilt is quite simple and since is just two colors the difficulty level is not high. I am trying to give instructions as simple as I can do however if you have a question please let me know.
The dimensions of this wall hanging quilt are 33.5" by 33.5"
1 yd Main Fabric (black) and binding
1 yd background (white) and border
35" X 35" piece of batting
37" X 37" piece of fabric for backing

For this quilt we will need to cut from Main fabric (black)
12 strips of 2" x WOF (width of fabric) and sub cut into 226 squares 2"x2" each.
4 strips 2" x WOF for binding this will be sewn together on the narrow side to form a long strip.
From Background Fabric (white)
Cut 11 strips of 2" x WOF and sub cut into 215 squares 2"x2"each
Cut 4 strips of 1"x WOF for the border

Next Thursday we will start with blocks 1 and 3!

See you then!

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