Friday, April 13, 2012

Scripture Cover and Bag

Since the end of March we have seen the miracle of reading, yes that magical thing that happens sometime in Kindergarten and first grade. We have been working with miss A all the school year and it finally happened. While visiting Darlette we were reading the scriptures and it was miss A's turn and I told her to try to read and she did. She was so happy and excited that she wanted to keep trying, the next few days she got more excited about reading and I told her if she wanted to have her own scriptures, She said yes! so did miss G so I gave them each her own and I promise to make them a tote to take to Church. I was a few days late from Easter, but since I did not said it was their Easter resent it work out Okay.
I also decided to make them a book cover. I took the girls to the quilt shop and I let them choose one print (they both chose the hot pink fabric) and I complemented them with two more prints.

Happy Sewing


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