Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thank you Dr. Seuss...

Dear Dr. Seuss,
Thank you so much for your books, my kids love them. Their favorite part is when Daddy reads to them because he puts such an effort, I think just the way you intended it to be.
Our new best time favorite is Green Eggs and Ham especially for Miss A. She is just starting to read. For me it was hard at first and I really thought it was a great tongue twister for non- English speaking born peeps just like me, but this week I saw the light, yep everything was clear. Dear Miss A said:
"I'll read to you (Miss G feeling sick) Green eggs and ham"
I said: "How come? You cannot read that? It's too long, you know?"
"Yes, I know" She answered, "but it has all my sight words, so I can read it all day long."
So she did, she read it all by herself to little Miss G accompanied by Miss K...
So you see Dr. Seuss, you have made this momma proud for I have a little one that wants to read, tongue twisters to me, yet so fluent to her.
Now I know it is not for me, but for little readers just like Miss A.  
Miss A's, Miss G's and Miss K's proud Momma

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