Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Awards

Yes I know, I said that I was going to unfold the names of my Kreativ Blogger winners yesterday, but a little running diaper (Grace) wake up with cold and I had to nurse her and be snugly mommy all day for her. Today she is so much better she is playing with big sissy Alana. That means she is better.
Well my Awards go to:
Lera of The sky is pink She is very creative and her blog is very fun.
Ale of With blueberry heart quilts corner She is very fun and love her blog and is from Mexico!
Jacquelynne of The Noble Wife really great stuff
JCasa of JC: Handmade very lovely blog I love it
Laurraine Patch work pottery my favourite of all.

Please visit them you will enjoy it!

Si ya se que dije que ayer iba a poner quienes eran las ganadoras del premio Kreativ Blogger, pero un pequeno panalito corredor (Grace) desperto con gripa y tube que cuidarla todo el dia. No se despego de mi hasta ya pasada la media noche. Hoy esta mucho mejor pues esta jugando con su hermanita Alana y eso ya es un claro indicio de que ya se siente mucho mejor.
Bueno las ganadoras son:

Lera de The sky is pink Muy creativa y su blog esta muy divertido.
Ale de With blueberry heart quilts corner Ella es de mi bello Mexico y tiene cosas super interesantes!
Jacquelynne de The Noble Wife realmente buenas cosas.
JCasa of JC: Handmade Un blog adorable me encanta.
Laurraine Patch work pottery mi favorito de todos.

Have a great crafting day!


lera said...

Thank you, Erika. This is my first Kreativ Blogger award! Thank you so much for picking me.

Jacquelynne said...

Erika- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are so kind. What a treat and an honor!

ale balanzario said...

Erika, Thank you so much!!!!