Thursday, October 16, 2008

Super Heroes: Part 1

Today I will start a series of entries about special Heroes. In this case heroes in my life. No too long ago I had the idea that a Hero had to be somebody with special talents or somebody that does amazing things. My idea was based upon learning about Gandhi and the amazing things he achieve in his life. Last Tuesday night Lee and I watched Gandhi the movie and keep me thinking about my personal heroes, He is obviously one of them, but I start thinking about the ones that are very close to me and had change my life forever.

Today I am going to share one of my closest Heroes, a person that just by example of perseverance and love has change the lives of the people around us. His name is Jaiden . A true hero.

Jaiden was born on December 2007 just at 22 weeks of gestation. The chances of a baby surviving at this age are less than 1 percent. From minute one He was a fighter, the doctors were just waiting for him to die but Monika, Jaiden's mom his angel never stop having faith things will be better. Now almost 10 months later Jaiden is doing great healthy and just with problems on his eyes he is just a perfect baby!

Little Jay is an example to me for his wiliness to live and fight all odds. I wanted to give him something special for him and we kept calling him Super Jay then I came up with this: To me they where his special booties because to my family he is a real Hero, I change the S for a J (in case you cannot tell) a red cape on the back and cute clouds on the sole. Jay become famous on his dad's town when he was on the local news paper Monika is an angel to Jay. I love her so much and admire her faith and love for her family.
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UPDATE: Do you have any Hero in your life? write about them and write me a line so I can learn about your Hero.
I am just reading about Jacquie just talking about one of thse special heroes in our lives


Odette said...

Hola amiga...que linda historia y gracias a Dios con un final feliz... me alegro que lo compartieras con todas ...para aprender a valorar la vida y la perseverancia... lo más hermoso siempre requiere de mucho esfuerzo y tenacidad.
Un gran abrazo.

Stephanie D. said...

What a cutie-pie! Love that big grin on him! He looks like such a happy little guy; I'll bet he brings his family much joy.

Thanks for sharing!