Friday, November 7, 2008

An angel in my mail box

I found my Stitcher's Angel package in my mail box just as I was going out, I knew I was late but I could not resist to open the package later, so I went back and took my camera and the process started:

My angel is Rhonda from Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia!

Look at the beautiful quilt paper wrap It is just fun!

In the package this beautiful button bag just gorgeous.
then this sofa caddy so cute.

and last but not least this scissors keeper If you just could see it the detail and the amazing hand work it is just amazing can you see a happy face on the scissors keeperYou know how hard has been for me yo do the satin stitch before but to see this amazing flowers so gracefully stitched with such detail.

And look at the little thimble and the scissors so cute. I am so speechless thank you Rhonda this are part of my special treasures. I do not know how to contact Rhonda, but if you see my blog, Thank you so much and please contact me.

And thanks to Helen for this swap It has been delightful.

Happy stitching


1 comment:

Odette said...

Hola Erika, estan preciosos tus regalos...y ojala halla valido la pena la intensa busqueda de tu angel bordador.
Un abrazo.