Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not so good of a Day

Yesterday wasn't my day at all. Doing house work going up and down stairs one of those trips I badly landed and my hips and leg hurts. After that I decided to slow down and finish working on my quilt. I did finished the free motion quilting and I switched to add the bias when I switched something happened and my sewing machine jammed. Today Hubby send it to the doctor and it will be back in a week. He called me and said that he arranged for me to have a temporary sewing machine from the shop. I am happy and sad. I am so attached to my sewing machine... silly? I do not think so, when you love what you do you really get attached to your tools.

Ayer no fue mi dia. Estaba trabajando en las labores del hogar, subiendo y bajando las escaleras cuando termine en el piso, me cai y me duele mis caderas y una de mis piernas. Despues decidi tomare el resto del dia mas tranquilo y me puse a terminar un acolchado. Termine el free motion parte y cuando cambie mi maquina para hacer el bies algo paso que mi maquina se trabo y nada que se mueve. Totalmente debastada, lo bueno es que mi esposo llevo mi maquina a que la repararan, estara alli por una semana. Lo bueno es que mi esposo me traera una maquina temporal.

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Monika said...

Oh my goodness!! be careful!!! and very nice of dad :)