Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing Machine Cover

Have this happened to you? You want to make something very special but you are afraid you are going to hate it if you do. This is what happened to me every time I thought about making a sewing machine cover. so I thought and I thought and the idea came in black and white and later evolved to this:
I got the bunny Hill fabric as a scrap piece it was enough to do this. I just love it! with all my previous circle quilting practice on my last project I was kind of confident to try to do this flowers like Laurraine Yuyama that I love. Then as I was looking on her Flickr site i found that by cover has some of her influence. To each flower I added a button to make it different.
I do not think I will get tired of it, but if i do, I just turn it outside in and I'll get a totally different look.