Monday, January 30, 2012

PB Inspired Bakery

When I saw this in PB catalog I got in love of it, but as you can see it is pricy, so I got the idea I could make one for my children. I draw an sketch and use PVC pipes for the frame, and the fabric was from the $1.95 section of Fabric.comI use embroideries from here, here, here and

I love to see my children playing with it. They love it.

Have a good day


Kami said...

That is adorable! My girls would love that! In the background of the first pic there is a built in playhouse with stairs?? Do you have pics of that anywhere on your site? That is exactly what I've been looking forward to doing in their playroom!! Great Blog!

DarletteCraft said...

Thanks, I have pics here.

Brett Rodgers said...

Thank you guys for all of these lovely ideas. I have been trying to figure out what to do for some new machine embroidery projects. I just want some new ideas that my little princesses would like. I cant wait to start making things again.

DarletteCraft said...

You are welcome, I love to machine embroider specially for my girls.